New subcommentary toward Upanisa Sutta explains sukha as glee of one’s use of assimilation

Regardless of the simile’s suggestion, rapture and you can contentment are not necessarily asynchronous, and generally are actually just sundered into attainment of the 3rd jhana. Brand new speech out of pleasure since arising after rapture just form one delight will get the fresh new salient ability of one’s roadway immediately after rapture has generated its unique sum and you may paid returning to a part set. In the modern stage rapture still lasts, simply the exuberance has come toned down from the prevailing quiescence developed in the latest phase off comfort.

Just like the for each and every defiling foundation is a conditioned technology entering lives thanks to distinctive line of grounds, the answer to its removing is dependant on using the appropriate antidote so you can its causal feet

The word “access” (upacara) denotes brand new stage regarding cultivation out of tranquility immediately before full absorption, the brand new intended aim of tranquility reflection. Read more